The “bear” necessities

teddycase 003
And so for my next packing dilemma – how on earth do I cram 500 miniature teddy bears into my suitcase, along with the second hand shoes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, school bags, footballs and other aid that I’m also planning to take to The Gambia?

I’d be grateful for any packing tips – as alongside these items I’ve also got to squeeze in my own luggage, although I’m beginning to think that this is going to be an impossible task.

The miniature bears were a kind donation from my employer, benenden hospital, who are not only funding my trip – but who have also given much aid and support to the charity I will be working with which is called BACE.

The teddies donated by benenden will be given to children who use a school which has been set up by BACE, in an impoverished village called Bonsa. They will also be given to families who will use a new health centre which BACE has built, which will be partially open when I visit in March.

teddycase 008

benenden hospital regularly gives old and redundant equipment to developing countries and last year the hospital gave BACE hospital beds, mattresses, hospital screens, surgical packs, catheters, bandages, office furniture, toys for the waiting room, aprons and many other items to help the charity set up a new health clinic.

Much of this aid was sent to The Gambia in a shipping container at the end of last year. Some of it will be transported in my suitcase when I travel in just over a week, other volunteers will also be taking aid in their suitcases and thankfully the airline is allowing the charity to put several boxes of aid in the hold, free of charge.

So as my suitcase is not only full, but bursting at the seams, my own luggage really will have to be reduced to the very bare necessities.



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