Working with Look magazine


At long last I can finally reveal that since September last year myself and trustees from the charity BACE have been working closely with Look magazine on our Someone Else’s Shoes project.

Knowing that the magazine often runs international humanitarian articles I approached them at the end of last summer to ask if staff would consider donating shoes – as this was just one item on the charity’s wish list of items they wanted to send or take to The Gambia.

The editor Ali Hall immediately got behind the project and gave us her support, along with other members of the editorial team and myself and a trustee from the charity, Laura Collier-Keywood, collected the shoes from their office in central London.

Many of the shoes went into a shipping container which BACE sent to The Gambia in November last year. Others were packed into boxes which the airline, Thomas Cook, kindly let the charity take on board, at no extra cost.


Today Look has published a fabulous article about their involvement with the charity’s recent visit to the village of Bonsa, where their donated shoes were very much appreciated. Thank you so much Look! The article includes the charity’s text donate number, so I hope it generates lots of donations for BACE.

Our work with the magazine had to be kept quiet until after they had published, but now we can tell whoever we like!


And while it’s a fab article, which is very much appreciated, I just wanted to say that the trip was about so much more than giving out shoes to women and children. This was just a very small part of what was going on when 22 volunteers visited in March. The main purpose of the trip was to paint and decorate the charity’s new health clinic and to run a two day trial there. The real stars of the show were the chair of the charity Tracy Barnett and the two nurses who treated more than 150 local people, Charlotte Barnett and Nicola Norton.

So if you haven’t already got a copy, go and buy this week’s Look magazine quick, while stocks last! And please consider making a donation, however small. The details about making a text donation are in Look and can also be found on this blog.



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