Jane and Charlotte

This is Charlotte and myself with just a small selection of the aid we have collected for The Gambia, which was donated by benenden hospital, benenden health and their staff and supporters.


Charlotte is a nurse at benenden hospital and has been to The Gambia many times. Her family run the BACE charity. On her last trip to The Gambia and the village of Bonsa she saved a young boy who was suffering from the symptoms of malaria. She gave him paracetamol, tried to reduce his temperature with wet flannels and a fan and sat with him throughout the night, before organising a jeep to take him to his village the next morning and then carrying him the last few hundred feet home to return him to his parents.

On another trip she saved a boy’s leg from possible amputation. It was badly infected, after being burnt. She managed to save his leg by simply bathing and dressing it daily.

charlotte in gambia This is Charlotte at work in The Gambia.

This is Charlotte at work at benenden hospital:

charlotte barnett 005

I’m Jane and I’m a Public Relations Executive at benenden hospital. I hope our March 2014 trip to The Gambia will raise the profile of the wonderful BACE charity and attract some publicity for all the help that benenden hospital and benenden health are giving to BACE and their project to set up a much needed health clinic in Bonsa.

Here are some of the newspaper clippings the local media have been kind enough to publish so far:

cuttings 001

And this is me:jane barlow 002

me in scrubs 003

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