Thank you benenden

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Thank you to benenden hospital and benenden health for making my trip to the village of Bonsa, in The Gambia, possible.

By way of a travelling fellowship benenden paid for both myself and benenden hosptial nurse Charlotte Barnett to go on the week long trip. They gave us the time off and donated many items.

The benenden health teddy bears, of which we had hundreds, went down well in the health clinic. They were given to young patients to distract from the fact they were about to be prodded and poked, or given a nasty tasting medicine.

They also kept children amused while other family members were being treated.

gambia 126

Football shirts donated by benenden health and the York City Football Club were also popular:

gambia 080

As were the footballs, also donated by benenden health and York City:

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Each year benenden hospital gives redundant or old equipment to developing countries. At the end of last year and the beginning of this year it gave this equipment to the charity we were working with, BACE. Much of it travelled to The Gambia in a shipping container in November 2013. This included hospital beds, hospital screens (which were used during our trip as temporary doors!) surgical packs, catheters, hand saniters, bins, chairs and much more.

Here is one of the beds which was used when the clinic opened for a trial run:

gambia 082

Thank you benenden for all of your support!